The U.S. Council of the B.E.M. represents the Mission in the U.S.A. and looks after the transfer of gifts intended for Mission workers. It also makes our projects known and helps to advance the Kingdom of God in Belgium by sending short-term teams. In addition the U.S. Council helps B.E.M. workers to establish a network of supporters. It is through the U.S. Council that American candidates apply to join the Mission long-term.

The U.S. Council includes Bill Boerop, Rob Clark, Fred Long, Kurt Maeyens, John Stein and Luc Salsac.

B.E.M., Inc.
PO Box 2255
Buford, GA 30515 – USA
Tel./Fax : 001 404 248 7868
E-mail :
All gifts are tax deductible if sent to this address.

or if you want to do an electronic transfer, here is the number:


Routing – 061000227

Account – 2000127122209

Destination: Fam Bode

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