Dear praying friends, we have a few prayer requests that are rather urgent and would be very grateful if you could take these before God with us.

1. We are trying to finish off a big section of our attic into 2 bedrooms. We need more paint, flooring, a few beds and mattresses, room-darkening blinds for 2 velux windows, and someone who can finish drywalling work around the velux windows. We have a team of American athletes who will be staying with us in these rooms near the end of July. And of course we would love to use these rooms to house other teams and guests in the future. We have no money for these supplies so please ask God to provide them in the way He sees best. You can praise God with us for the new roof with insulation that the owner of our building provided earlier this spring.
2. We are also trying to build a deck just off the back of the bookstore as a quiet place for customers to sit and read, pray, study the Bible and chat over coffee. A young couple has taken a special interest in it and are assembling materials and fundraising locally. We would love to finish this before the summer is past.
3. Our mission organization, the Belgian Evangelical Mission, is going through a process of change to refine the vision. By the end of August we have to present a plan for the bookstores that fits with their evangelism focus, plus work to increase the business enough to cover its own costs (the past few years the bookstores haven’t covered their own costs completely).
4. For the first time since we started with the bookstore in October, we have a shortfall in the monthly gifts that the mission needs to pay us. We need additional monthly gifts of around 800 euros to stay on as BEM missionaries. Please pray that God raises up the additional financial support if He wants us to continue in this work.
Every day we are encouraged by the way we see God at work in the people we serve in the store and in the churches all around the province.
Thank you for your prayerful support and co-working to advance the kingdom of God in Belgium!
William & Lyssa

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