Mentoring: We are seeing a great spiritual awakening in young Christians in their 20s whom William has mentored or had input over the past several years. They have organised themselves into a group that meets weekly, and are fervent in prayer. This has not come without counterattack by our enemy. Pray for them, that they will continue to radically follow the Lord despite difficulty and for William as he prays with them and continues to be a resource for them. Several of these young Christians often come into the shop and encourage others to come in for a talk with us.


Bookshop ministry: Our mission agency, the Belgian Evangelical Mission, is in a process of change. But after a meeting a few days ago, we have assurance that our bookshop will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. We have had such positive feedback from people who come into the shop and feel so blessed to be able to share the Gospel in different ways with so many people using the bookshop as a base. We have expanded our range to include some high quality toys and Fair Trade gifts so that the non-Christians who come in have something to connect with. In recent weeks we’ve had a wide variety of people coming in for coffee and discussions. Pray that the Lord will keep expanding our evangelism reach and lead us in our planning for coming events.

Family: In a few days we will be visiting our children in Sheffield for a week to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our son Daniel will be flying over from the US as well. It will be the 1st time in 8 years that all 4 children have been together. We look forward to a joyful reunion. We also rejoice that Wendy and James are expecting their 1st child in May!



Personal: William has suffered with some long-term health issues and would appreciate prayers for healing and strength. Financially, the Lord has provided month-to-month, but we still need more regular monthly supporters.

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