(We are receiving miracles! Want to know more? Email us to hear all about it. william@zendingsbode.org)

Dear friends,

William and Lyssa are looking for a special miracle from God. As you may know, William has been asked to lead the literature ministry of VIANOVA as coordinator of Le Bon Livre and Het Goede Boek. To more effectively fulfil that responsibility, the directors and William and Lyssa agree that it is best for the Bodes to move to the Brussels area.

If you know William and Lyssa then you know hospitality is a very important part of their lives. You may also know that the Bodes are parents of four children and grandparents of 5 (6, one is on the way). So to use their God-given gift of hospitality and to host family visits, it is best to live in a house or apartment that is easy to reach by car and public transport and has enough bedrooms to minister to others.

Do you want to know more (https://zendingsbode.org/2019/06/30/important-news/)?

William and Lyssa have no security deposit and live completely from the gifts of friends, family and churches. So to find such a home and to pay the rent would be a miracle for them. 

If you know of a suitable home or someone who is willing to make such a place available, please contact William and Lyssa. If you would like to contribute to their moving costs, their (Belgian) bank account number is below.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

William and Lyssa Bode

Vennestraat 345

3600 Genk

William: 0487 79 59 03

Lyssa: 0483 546 888

wkbode@gmail.com; lyssabode@gmail.com

BE03 9731 0054 5584

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