In June William received new responsibilities within our mission organization VIANOVA (formerly The Belgian Evangelical Mission) to coordinate the outreach through all 6 of our Christian bookstores in Belgium plus develop a publishing outreach to influence all of western Europe.

This required us to move to Brussels so that we could be more centrally located, plus greatly increased travel throughout the country and annually to the US.

As you can imagine, this has greatly increased our living costs and our need for financial partners. If you are in a position to help in some way and would like details, please see below to learn more.

Would you please pray that God will use us to equip more Belgians to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples? Many thanks!

How does the mission’s financial support work?

The mission receives donations on our behalf and gives them to us monthly in the form of a net salary (approx. 1600 euros after taxes and ‘employer’ costs). The mission keeps giving us a consistent amount even if insufficient funds come in. A debt then builds up and we must repay the mission.

Do you have enough financial support?

Until now, about 22 regular monthly supporters have provided about half of the need of 2200 euros; the other half has generally come in through one-time gifts. Some months the need has not been met, so we have a debt to the mission of around 2000 euros.

With the new housing and additional travel costs, we now need to raise 3400 euros per month. That is why we are making people aware of the need.

Specifically, how could people help?

Regular monthly support in any amount is most welcome. One-time gifts are also needed. See below for how you can give a gift. Rail passes (Belgian train tickets) and other help with transportation are needed.

What other needs do you have, and how can we pray?

  • Pray for our stamina, wisdom and grace, and for God’s provision.
  • We urgently need many more workers in the bookstores (Dutch- and French-speaking) and for the mission.
  • Pray that God provides enough support for the people who will manage the Genk store after us (Jochem Beunckens & Febe Van Ham) so they can begin managing the store before the end of this year.
  • We want each church in Belgium to select an ‘ambassador’ to be a liaison between the church and its local Christian bookstore. Can you be that person?

To send a gift:

In the US: B.E.M., Inc., PO Box 2255, Buford, GA 30515


Routing number: 061000227, Account number: 2000127122209 (designate for Family BODE)

Gifts are tax deductible.

In the UK: BEM UK, P.O. Box 617, Epsom KT17 9JQ


Sort code: 40 52 40, Account number: 00008831 (designate for Family BODE)

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