Lord has given us favor

Update: The Lord has provided! His people have generously given to meet our need, and we've signed the lease. Our moving day is September 7! We need strength in these super busy days. We still need prayer for extra monthly support to pay the higher rental cost and extra travel costs associated with William's new … Continue reading Lord has given us favor

Looking for a special miracle from God

(We are receiving miracles! Want to know more? Email us to hear all about it. william@zendingsbode.org) Dear friends, William and Lyssa are looking for a special miracle from God. As you may know, William has been asked to lead the literature ministry of VIANOVA as coordinator of Le Bon Livre and Het Goede Boek. To … Continue reading Looking for a special miracle from God

Op zoek naar een bijzonder mirakel van God

(mirakels gekregen! Wil je meer weten? Email ons voor meer informatie, william@zendingsbode.org) Best vrienden, William en Lyssa zijn op zoek naar een bijzonder mirakel van God. Zoals je misschien weet, is William gevraagd om de literatuur-bediening van VIANOVA te leiden; als coördinator van Le Bon Livre en Het Goede Boek. Om deze verantwoordelijkheid effectiever te … Continue reading Op zoek naar een bijzonder mirakel van God

Important News

20/20 Vision (EN) (NL) Changes. Challenges. Chances. Characteristics of our last few months. 2019 marks the 100-year anniversary of our mission organization, the Belgian Evangelical Mission. We’ve celebrated by re-strategizing and re-focussing on how best now to reach Belgians for Jesus Christ. We’ve also adopted a new name, VIANOVA, which means a new way. Our … Continue reading Important News

Two Swallows

Two swallows don’t make a summer, says the proverb. Yet two recent Dutch books about reflection on roots could perhaps signal a significant climate change in Europe concerning interest in the Bible and Christianity. One is written by Inez van Oord, the publisher of Happinez, a very successful New Age glossy magazine offering happiness through … Continue reading Two Swallows

Leef je in een viskom in de oceaan? Do you live in a fish bowl in the ocean?

Belgian Evangelical Mission What a great illustration! A fish in an aquarium at the bottom of the ocean… Isn’t this sometimes how we are living? We are comfortable in our own bubble, we need nothing more. But of course, we have failed to realise that we are missing the point! All of us are striving … Continue reading Leef je in een viskom in de oceaan? Do you live in a fish bowl in the ocean?


Mentorschap: We zien een grote spirituele opwekking bij jonge christen twintigers die William de afgelopen jaren heeft begeleid of input heeft gegeven. Ze hebben zich georganiseerd in een groep die wekelijks samenkomt en zijn vurig in hun gebeden. Dit is niet gekomen zonder tegenaanval van onze vijand. Bid voor hen, dat zij de Heer ondanks … Continue reading Oogsttijd

Harvest season

Mentoring: We are seeing a great spiritual awakening in young Christians in their 20s whom William has mentored or had input over the past several years. They have organised themselves into a group that meets weekly, and are fervent in prayer. This has not come without counterattack by our enemy. Pray for them, that they … Continue reading Harvest season