How to give in the USA.

The U.S. Council of the B.E.M. represents the Mission in the U.S.A. and looks after the transfer of gifts intended for Mission workers. It also makes our projects known and helps to advance the Kingdom of God in Belgium by sending short-term teams. In addition the U.S. Council helps B.E.M. workers to establish a network … Continue reading How to give in the USA.

Zendings Moment VEG Paulus Genk

Lyssa: Goedemorgen broeders en zusters, Hoeveel mensen hebben ooit Het Goede Boek, de christelijke boekenwinkel op de Vennestraat, bezocht? (Steek je hand omhoog.) Misschien weten jullie al dat sinds April zijn William en ik aangenomen als zendelingen voor de Belgische Evangelische Zending (de BEZ) om Het Goede Boek in Genk over te nemen. De winkel … Continue reading Zendings Moment VEG Paulus Genk

Hello Team USA from the Bodes in Belgium!

Building a support team is a vital part of the preparation. Of course the BEM will provide training—and there is so much to learn (especially because it is all in Dutch!). But we also need a lot of practical help. The store is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., so we must find partners who will volunteer some time on a regular basis to work with us in the store. We also need helpers to take book tables to churches all over the area with us (we have no car or license).